Walleyes Unlimited participates in many community and civic events throughout the year, along with offering yearly scholarship winners are required to major in a fisheries science curriculum and maintain high academic standards, be active in community affairs, and participate in other related activities.

The club’s scholarship committee is comprised of Rick Larsen, John Nuebel, and me. Below is a little bit about our scholarship recipient for this year, congratulations and continued success in your studies.

Two students from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point were selected as the 2017 Scholarship Recipients; they are Andrew Zabel & Justin Kowalski. To see their notes of appreciation Click Here

Jim Zegar
Committee Chairman


Guidelines for College Scholarships

Walleyes Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the knowledge and skills of freshwater fishermen. A basic tenant of the organization is teaching, which is an important means to the end of educating both children and adults to help them achieve greater fishing skills as well as an increase in environmental understanding and a better appreciation for the outdoors.

Fisheries scientists and limnologists are needed to manage, protect, and grow the habitats in which we endeavor to angle. Accordingly, we will provide scholarships to those individuals who are majoring in either or both of those fields and who plan to enter the workforce using their major (s).

  • Requirements:
    – The student must be a full-time student at either:
    – Southern Illinois University and University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point.
    – The student must be majoring in either fisheries science or limnology, or both.
    – Walleyes Unlimited members, their families and relatives are not eligible.
  • Other Considerations:
    – The student must have demonstrated academic excellence by means of grade point average.
    – The student must be in financial need and funding his/her college education mostly by personal effort.
    – The student must be active and involved in extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership. Such
    activities should include at least one related to the outdoors.
    – The student must intend to secure employment, after college, with a position related to the courses of study.

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