Walleyes Unlimited Members – Hall of Fame

Since the inception of Walleyes Unlimited select members have been inducted into our own Members Hall of Fame. These members have been in our club for over 20 years and were selected and voted upon by the board of directors for their dedication and contributions to the improvement of Walleyes Unlimited, USA.

The plaque is proudly displayed at Bass Pro Shops (Gurnee) in the Fly Fishing hallway, toward the back of the store.

Denny Ansell
John Borkowski
Dale Carr
Mel Christensen
Bruce Dentice
Gene Eaton
Harold Eubanks
Keith Hahn
Roger Hochhalter
Bob Jorgenson
Bob Kaczkowski
Steve Kappel
Carl Kaufmann
Walt Koch
Tony Kruljac
Ken Lapinski
Ted Lind
John McNamara
Mike Mecko
Brad Miller
Mike Mulqueen
Harold Nabor
Bob Needles
Gary Nichols
John & Ellen Nuebel
Mike Orawiec
John Papa
Tom Parker
Chuck Plotz
Evelyn Rewolinski
Ed Rewolinski
Gary Reymann
Dan Roanhaus
Jerry Rutherford
Dawn Scherer
Ken Scherer
Gary Schlapinski
Gene Schmitt
Bob Seaberg
Bill Spires
Bob Teser
Chuck Thompson
Ron Toppel
Jose Trejo
Dennis Van Meenen
Marty Voutila
Jim Wrolsatd
Jim Zegar
John Zegar
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