2007 Freshwater Hall of Fame Induction

Hall of Fame Enshrinement Application

A special thanks goes out to the distinguished committee who spearheaded this effort and deserves a large amount of credit.  Gary Reymann, Carl Kaufmann, Mike Orawiec, Ted Lind, Jim Zegar, Brad Miller, Mike Boyle and Dennis Van Mennen. Click Here for a print copy



Walleyes Unlimited USA Inducted Into National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

On January 29th, 2007 Mr. Jim Wrolstad, one of our founding members was notified that Walleyes Unlimited USA has been inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as an organization!

The award is for outstanding accomplishments in the field of conservation and education. Walleyes Unlimited is also recognized for the club’s dedication to the sharing of information and teaching others how to fish. The selection was the result of their prestigious National Awards Committee’s wide ranging search to find deserving individuals & organizations for induction.
Letter of Notification – Click Here



February 15, 2007 | Official Publication of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

The Hall Announces Its 2007 Enshrinement & Induction Selections

2007 Organizational/Governmental Award
Considered are organizations or government entities which have demonstrated and /or performed a valuable service or act to benefit freshwater sportfishing within jurisdiction or the boundaries of the organization whether local, regional or national.
Walleyes Unlimited USA/Jim Wrolstad
Walleyes Unlimited, USA is a multi-species club dedicated to the sharing of information and teaching others how to fish. The club was founded in 1969 by Jim Wrolstad of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who was then an editor at “Fishing Facts” magazine. Because of its sharing philosophy, the club rapidly grew to over 500 members.
From its humble beginnings in Richmond, Illinois at Orsolini’ Restaurant and in Milwaukee at Chatsie’s Bar and Hall, the club has extended its reach around the country. They have members located in many states and collectively have fished the waters of all fifty states. Thousands of hours have been spent on Canadian lakes and hundreds more have been spent in Mexico and the Gulf waters. Members have fished in other countries, as well. One member has fished in the Yang Si River in China. The club has ‘spawned’ a thousand members who have carried its message around the globe.
During its existence, Walleyes Unlimited has developed hundreds of programs, ideas and technologies all geared to share information and promote the sport of fresh water fishing.


Walleyes Unlimited USA Deeply Honored

Walleyes Unlimited is honored and humbled to be inducted into “The National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.” The distinguished committee of Gary Reymann, Carl Kaufmann, Mike Orawiec, Ted Lind, Jim Zegar, Brad Miller, Mike Boyle, and Dennis Van Mennan spear headed this effort and deserve much thanks.
Walleyes Unlimited USA is committed to Education, Service and Conservation. A cutting edge approach fishing techniques and an early Catch and Release philosophy has been a big proponent that has served our sport for the past 37 years.
A few special thanks to the following individuals who wrote letters of recommendation on behalf of WU: Ron Linder, Al Linder, Dave Csanda, Gloria L. McCutcheon, Spence Petros, Greg Bohn, Matt Coffaro, Ted Takasaki, and Dan Sura.
Their common theme was Walleyes Unlimited commitment to the education of the angler and its early promotion of Catch and Release to protect valuable fisheries.
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