Welcome to the FAQ’s where you can find a variety of questions with answers relating to memberships and the general (public) website. Please note that the questions and answers on this page may change as our site evolves.


QUESTION: How do I become a member?
Go to the ‘Member Services‘ or ‘Join Us’ pages and click on the Join Button complete our secure online application. You also have the option to download the application and mail it in with your check.


QUESTION: What do I enter on the Member Services Page?
The ‘Member Services’ Page requires you to enter your username (first letter first name, last name with no spaces or your membership number.) Enter the password that is on file. (Initially it is your DOB.)


QUESTION: What if I forgot my password?
If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, you may select the ‘Forgotten Password’ selection on the ‘Member Services’ page. You MUST have a current and valid email address on file for you to receive an automated new password that will be reset.
If you know your email address is invalid or was never on file, simply send an inquiry or email the webmaster@walleyesunlimitedusa.org with your new email address and a new password will be sent to you.


QUESTION: Why haven’t I received my Membership Card after joining or renewing my membership?
All member ID cards will be printed by members once accessing their account under their Member Information. There will be a link below that says Membership Card  that will allow them to print and retain their own ID Cards at ANY TIME.
We understand some of our members will not have access to computers or be able to print their own ID cards. In these types of cases they can contact the Membership Chair to have them produced and mailed but, this will be by request only.


QUESTION: What if my membership has expired?
If you know your membership number and password, even though your membership has expired, you may log in and it will take you directly to the ‘Renewal Page’. Just fill in the required information to renew your membership. If you cannot remember your login information, simply go to the ‘Join Us‘ page’ and complete the required information.


QUESTION: How do I renew my membership?
There are two ways you may renew your membership; once you are logged in, at the top of the ‘Member’s Home’ page select “Membership Renewal”. Once on the renewal page, simply review and complete all of the required information, otherwise go to the ‘Join Us‘ page’ and complete the required information.


QUESTION:  I am having trouble with some items in Membership Services?
Once you have logged in as a member under ‘Member Informaion’ you will notice a button named ‘Help Files’. There are a series of documents to help you through some common Member Services questions that new members may have.
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